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The Gunfighters is the eighth book in the Time-Life series "The Old West". It was written by Paul Trachtman.


1st Printing - © 1974
2nd Printing -
3rd Printing -
4th Printing - © 1974, Revised 1975, Reprinted 1976
5th Printing - © 1974, Revised 1977
6th Printing - © 1974, Revised 1980
7th Printing - © 1974, Revised 1981
8th Printing - © 1974, Revised 1986
9th Printing - © 1974, Reprinted 1996
10th Printing - © 1974, Reprinted 2004

Copyright Page[]

Cover Variants[]


1|The deadly brotherhood of the gun[]

2|Buccaneers of the border states[]

3|The man with the badge[]

4|A slow triumph for the gavel[]

5|Sinister masters of murder[]

6|Frontier justice, vigilante style[]

Revision Differences[]

Cultural Counterparts[]

"The Gunfighters" is one of at least three volumes to be released in Japanese, alongside "The Soldiers" and "The Cowboys". It is assumed the remaining 23 titles were also translated, but the TLTOW Wiki can not verify this. We are also currently unable to verify whether the series has been released in any language other than Japanese.






The Gunfighters have received more cover changes than any other book in the series. Usually altered for promotional and uniformity reasons, the book has had its cover changed five times over the 30 years it was produced.